The information and answered below are meant to give you some basic insight about our Clinic. These questions and answers do not cover every aspect of our operations. You can find more current information and answers to specific questions by calling us.

Yes, we are a new medical clinic with a new management that opened on Feb. 15, 2023. We are not associated with the medical providers and previous medical clinic management at this location.

  • Aggressive Behaviour: The clinic has zero tolerance policy towards aggressive behaviour. Any physical or verbal abuse towards our Staff is unacceptable and will not tolerated.
  • Episodic Care: our Walk-in clinic visits are for short-term urgent issues which can be handled the same day.
  • Privacy: All personal and health information is kept strictly confidential and secure. No medical or health information will be provided over the phone or via email. Oak-Trafalgar Clinic will NOT disclose any personal or health information to any third party (without prior consent).
  • Lab Results: Patients are responsible for following up with the doctor for all test results. If your result is abnormal, we will make every effort to get a hold of you, however you are encouraged to follow up with the doctor is symptoms persist and worsen. Please ask our staff or the doctor how long it will take for your test results to come back to ensure you are able to follow up in a timely manner.

There will be a charge for all patients who do not have valid medical coverage in Canada.

There will be a charge for all patients who do not have valid OHIP Card. However, we must be able to verify your coverage prior to your visit.

OHIP pays physicians for most medical services delivered to patients. Services not covered by OHIP or another insurance plan are called uninsured services.  Your physician will request a payment from you for those services.  It is the patient’s responsibility to pay for uninsured services.

Non-OHIP covered services are those services provided to patients that are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). The Ministry covers all insured medically necessary services provided by physicians, however, it does not pay for services that are not medically necessary. These may include: writing sick notes, cosmetic procedures, travel advice, charges for missed appointments, completing forms for daycare, insurance, legal or employment purposes, or if your health card is not valid on the day of your appointment. click here for the list.

These fees are based on the Ontario Medical Association’s suggested fees as found in the most current edition of the  OMA Physician’s Guide to Third Party and Other Uninsured Services.

When Family Doctors are able to accommodate new patients, this will be published on the website under Family Practice page.

Yes, in order for the doctor to discuss care of your child, it is necessary for the child to be present.

Depending on the type of prescription being renewed, the Physician on Walk-in may or may not be able to renew your prescription short term or long term. Please be aware that renewals for narcotics will NOT be completed at Walk-In. You must make an appointment with your own Family Physician.